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Hanging on the door to Mindy's (shared) office or passed around the room in her class is a brightly colored cardboard box labeled 'Sex Questions' in flowy script.

Anonymous questions will be answered or discussed at the next meeting of Mindy's class!

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Mindy had no concrete plans on this particular Saturday. There were no teenagers to corral nor condoms to distribute. So, instead she was continuing the way she'd spent her first Valentine's Day following the breaking-off of her engagement: sitting in her pajamas, eating popcorn with an accidental red wine glaze, and watching a movie.

She was halfway through meta for Pretty Woman by the time her really depressing day was interrupted by a loud, childlike voice from the hallway.


Ordinarily she'd yell back for the kid to go away, and to learn her last name, for god's sake, since it wasn't even hard to pronounce, but Mindy somehow found the energy to get up and at least see if this kid needed medical help. When she muttered "All right, all right, already," dragging her blanket-cape with her as she got to her feet, it occured to her that she resembled an old woman at this moment.

But it was the day after a Valentine's Day spent newly single. She couldn't bring herself to correct her behavior.

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Mindy had take-out and a bottle of red wine and she was ready for the Golden Globes. Well, the Golden Globes on TV. Not the real thing. It was Mindy's lifelong dream to date, if not a celebrity, at least someone who worked behind the scenes on an award show, but so far she didn't have any leads. She'd once asked out a guy purely because he shared a name with someone whose name she recognized from the credits at the end of the Oscars, but it turned out to be a coincidence.

As a consequence, tonight she was going to be watching the show from her apartment. There were upsides to that, like the fact that she could do it in her pajamas and while snacking on Thai food. She cradled her phone between her ear and the couch and dialed Gwen's number so they could watch it together.

She got a little loud after a while. It was the wine. And the excitement of the evening.

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Mindy could be called a lot of things, but self-aware wasn't always one of them.

Danny liked to say that Mindy packed for trips like a bear who was going into hibernation, an accusation which Mindy summarily rejected because her wardrobe was much trendier than a bear's. On top of that, the 'vacation' (and she used that word loosely) that was freshest in her memory was her trip to Haiti with Casey to provide medical assistance to people in need, and she hadn't packed much for that at all, probably because she knew was going to have to live in a tent with all her luggage and a man who was all elbows and penis. But packing to live somewhere else in the long term meant a lot of bags, and as a consequence, she was stuck at baggage claim well after the crowd from her flight had thinned out, waiting for one last suitcase.

Really, she thought, it was a good thing that this Hannibal guy was coming to meet her, because cab drivers would probably give her a problem about all this. It would be ridiculous of them, but she was sure it was true.

Hannibal finally managed to make his way through the crowds to the correct place... )

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Mindy was happy to be back in Casey's church. Even though she herself wasn't Christian, going to watch him do his pastor thing was an opportunity to get dressed up and be shown off to dozens of trendy old people. Kind of a lower-stakes 'meet the parents,' if you will. And, Casey was fun to listen to. The rap tracks that he played in the background of his sermons helped a lot.

Besides, it was a place to go, since Danny and Jeremy had gone and hired some other doctor and given away Mindy's office.

''From the slums of Port-au-Prince to the streets of NYC, a pastor has returned!'' )


''To put it in your terms, you were very legit.'' )

{ from S2E03 "music festival." NFB & NFI but OOC is great! one more to go! }
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Well, it looked like all of Mindy's problems were solved forever.

After years as a high-profile doctor at a big Manhattan hospital, balancing work and dating, this year she gave it all up to move to Haiti on a service trip.

It turned out that Haiti wasn't that different from New York City, except that not as many people screamed at you and it smelled much better. But the best part for Mindy was being there with her boyfriend Casey, a cool, hot minister. During the day, Mindy gave medical aid to people in need, and at night, she and Casey swapped stories and watched Haiti's best reality show from their tent: the real houseflies of Port-au-Prince.

Meanwhile, Mindy was able to keep up with her life back home thanks to an old form of email called mail. Her colleagues from Shulman and Associates back in New York sent care packages full of snacks and dandruff shampoo (though she suspected that Jeremy was stealing some peanut butter cups), and though she felt a little guilty about leaving the practice, she just hoped they weren't falling apart without her.

Normally, she didn't miss New York at all, except for the wi-fi and the fast food and the expedient means of communication. But sometimes she did, like when her boyfriend woke her up at five a.m. to see the Haitian sunrise from a tree that had not been easy to climb.

''It looks like a douche ad.'' )


''I could die while we're doing it or something.'' )


''Can we get some jello in here?'' )

{ from S2E01 "all my problems solved forever" and the first of three establishy posts.  NFI & NFB, but OOC is welcome! }


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